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We Can Help Your Program

Coaching is a lot of work. But is worth every second.

Our goal is to make your job easy.

You want to develop your team system. We want to help develop your players to succeed in that system on and off the court.




Most coaches have the big task of building their school youth program. This takes a lot of work, but is necessary to build a winning culture from the ground up. 

Getting kids excited about hoops is our passion.


We can come and run a clinic OR Teach you how to build your own. 

Our new style clinic will help your players get more out of the off season AND become more effective in YOUR system!

We have trained thousands of players from SD, ND, MN, IL, and internationally in Europe and Australia. We've worked with some of the best players and coaches in the world.

Coaches have brought us out to help them take their program to the next level. When you work with us, you get more than just a great clinic, you get support for every aspect of coaching.


Reach out to Kevin Ratzsch with questions or to work with your program.

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