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Clinics & Events

Private Workouts

Aberdeen Clinic
July 22-23

*More Coming Soon*

# of Players

Per Session Cost

          1                                        $55 each 

          2                                        $35 each 

          3                                        $30 each

          4                                        $25 each

*Sessions are 60 minutes*

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Kevin Ratzsch

Being a highly skilled player doesn't always translate into being a great IN-GAME player.

Players MUST develop their mental game. And learn how to be effective within the team's system.


It takes having the right support group as well. This includes having family understand how to encourage their player.


When a player is firing on all cylinders physically, mentally, and spiritually, then they can play with full freedom and make an impact even on "off" nights.

A.K.A. The
"Shot Doctor"

"I’ve never seen Had' so proud of herself than after yesterday’s workout. Thank you for giving her confidence." -Katie S.

Reach out to Kevin Ratzsch with questions or to join the mailing list.


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